San Francisco


If you're going to San Francisco, make sure you wear some flowers in your hair...

About The City

A city of contrast. Here you will find modern skyscrapers and old tram cars dating from end of 19th century. One of the most expensive cities attracts hippies, hipsters, techs, immigrants, yuppies, and gay population. Located on the edge of the Pacific so “the coldest winters are summers in San Francisco.”

General infrormation

Weather information

  • 15-24 °C

  • 27

    Dry days
  • 11mm

    Average rainfall
  • 0

    Snow days


  • 3.8M

  • 22:07

    Local time
  • US Dollars


Price Info

Restaurant meals are on average 52% higher than in Belgrade.


Prices in Berlin are on average 52% higher than in Belgrade.

Taxi is around  1.4 EUR per kilometer.

Train ticket is around  1.8  EUR

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More About The City

Don’t be surprised if, while walking around San Francisco, you feel like you’ve already been here. You haven’t literally but thanks to numerous movies and TV shows many corners of San Francisco you’ve already seen. Known for that, city offers many tours of spots where famous “Action!” was heard. And this is not surprising since many film giants were born here: Clint Eastwood, Bruce Lee, Josh Hartnett.

But not only that. City is full of contrast, from modern skyscrapers in Silicon Valley to colorful Victorian houses in quiet neighborhoods; from Chinatown, largest Chinese community outside of Asia – where many Chinese themed films were made – to Pier 39 inhabited by sea lions who, some say, were the first to colonize this port. Steep uphill and downhill terrain makes it all the more interesting. But this city did not serve as movie background only; it brought forth movie stars like Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, even itself.

Golden Gate Bridge is a place that most photo flashes go off.  Beautiful orange color of the bridge, stretching for 3 kilometers above blue Pacific Ocean, can create “Hitchcock’s vertigo,” but also memorable photographs because of the unbelievable view of San Francisco and Alcatraz. Do not miss your chance to walk the Golden Gate.

The bridge is often covered in fog which creates a special dose of mystery in combination with the infamous Alcatraz prison. If you are a horror movie fan, Alcatraz is a place to visit because maybe you will hear gruesome footsteps of the past there. Al Capone’s cell will be of interest to many.

Even though the prison island seems close and that you could swim to the shore, strong currents make this island isolated and inaccessible. It is believed that no one could escape Alcatraz and make it to San Francisco alive.

Beside the bridge and the prison, another symbol of San Francisco is a tram car. Jump into one of the trams moving along the hills and experience San Francisco neighborhood. This way your tour becomes a rarity since trams are active monument of this city. All means of transportation dating from 1873 are still in use today.

Since this is a city of wishes – first Fortune Cookie was made here – it allows you to “steal” one for yourself.