Czech Republic



Prague hypnotizes you and takes you back to the Middle Ages

About The City

The city of records. You can see the oldest Gothic cathedral in Europe, walk into the oldest ancient palace in the world, or walk down one of the narrowest streets in the world. This city reminds us of Smetana, Dvorzak, Kafka. The capital lures you with its old castles and famous Czech beer.

General infrormation

Weather information

  • 4-12 °C

  • 14

    Dry days
  • 28mm

    Average rainfall
  • 1

    Snow days


  • 1,2M

  • 07:51

    Local time
  • CZK


Price Info

Restaurant meals are on average 28% lower than in Belgrade.


Prices in Berlin are on average 9% higher than in Belgrade.

Taxi is around  0.9 EUR per kilometer.

Train ticket is around  0.94   EUR

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More About The City

If you would like to travel back in time and walk into the world of princes and princesses, Czech capital is the right place for you. Fairytale cathedrals rising above modern buildings will take you back to medial times.

Whatever season you decide to visit, you won’t be wrong. Each has an equal amount of romance, mystique, and magic. However, you should not miss Prague under the snow blanket.

This city was a shelter for work and creativity to many renowned writers, artists, athletes, but also film directors. Prague inspired them and they wrapped it in artistic veil which continues to bring artists to this capital.

Therefore, choose your path of visiting Prague, let centuries of magic and creativity lead you. You can pick the hills with astonishing views, or you can choose the banks of the longest Czech river the Vltava, described in Smetana’s music composition with the same title, or you can start by walking around winding coble stone streets.

No matter where you start, you will end up at a place of encounters, Charles Bridge. This is a meeting point of old and new part of the city and people of various ages and backgrounds. Rivers of people come down to Charles Bridge trying to get to the other side of the river Vltava. On the way you will enjoy street jazz musicians and beautiful unique art pieces.

Roman and Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicism, Historicism, and Postmodern architecture are styles that decorate this city so don’t be surprised to see buildings in a row with architecture from three different centuries.

What will not surprise you are crowds on the street. They are eliminated by the impeccable operation of the underground train. The metro is perfectly organized and it is easy to get to any location very quickly.

Along with the romantic views of the city, one thing that will take your breath away is the moment of full hour in front of the Astronomical Clock. Night adds to the magic so take a stroll in the evening all the way to Old Town Square where this clock was placed in 15th century. Legend has it that great misfortune will befall this city if its citizens don’t take good care of the clock. That’s why it’s always in perfect state. The clock has been working for the last six centuries and every hour, all those years, people gathered to see the sensation that started in the Middle Ages and attracted our ancestors the same way.

Night adds to the charm of Czech taverns. Long rows of strangers sit at the same table, connected by pints of beer, getting to know each other. You need to let waiter know you want beer by putting a coaster in front of you and he will continue to bring you beer until you turn your mug upside down.

A privilege for every city is a river. It gives it life in a special way. If you experience Prague from the perspective of the Vltava, with a dear person on a peddling boat, you can say you have seen all that this city has to offer.