„Fluctuat nec mergitur“ means: „You can throw it to the waves, but it will not sink!“

About The City

Paris will seduce you. You don’t expect anything less from the city of love. It is a city that combines old and new, historic and futuristic, legendary and current. You will be charmed by all its parts – by flavors of perfect cuisine, famous perfumes scent, stylish Parisian women, and its melodic language.

General infrormation

Weather information

  • 4-11 °C

  • 8

    Dry days
  • 48mm

    Average rainfall
  • 1

    Snow days


  • 2.3M

  • 07:07

    Local time
  • EUR


Price Info

Restaurant meals are on average 58% higher than in Belgrade.


Prices in Paris are on average 55% higher than in Belgrade.

Taxi is around  1.5 EUR per kilometer.

Train ticket is around  1.7  EUR

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More About The City

Paris is also known as “city of lights” referring to numerous intellectuals, artists, and scholars who reside there. But also literally, because it’s bathing in light since it is forbidden to erect buildings taller than six floors specifically so that everyone can have enough sunlight.

The symbol of Paris, definitely taller than six floors, is Eiffel Tower, and every day at 10pm a thousand lights are lit on the tower making it an unforgettable attraction. It is also impossible to forget beauty of the streets, parks, boulevards, as well as historic heritage and art breathing out of every part of this metropolis.

The Notre Dame Cathedral, located on the island of Ile de la Cite on the river Seine, is the most popular church in France and probably in the world. The cathedral stands out for its symmetry and balance of architectural elements. 16 million visitors from all over the world come to see this cathedral every year.

Montmartre is one of the hills above the banks of the river Seine and represents artist oasis. Montmartre has faithfully preserved appearance of old Paris with its winding streets and old houses. In second half of 19th century it was the center of artistic and bohemian life and it is similar today. Its streets, taverns, bars, theatres are immortalized by famous people.

The Louvre and da Vinci’s Mona Lisa are one of the most popular world attractions, and the rich museum collection draws everyone who comes to Paris.

One of the most visited tourist attractions in Paris is certainly Disneyland with annual visit of 13 million people.

Be one of the millions of people who come here, even for a day, let it seduce you and you will come back for sure.