You can have the Universe, if I can have Italy - Giuseppe Verdi

About The City

A place where fashion trends are born, where you can smell the rivalry of two soccer teams in the air and place of unbelievable Duomo Cathedral is the capital of Lombardy – Milan.

General infrormation

Weather information

  • 5-12 °C

  • 18

    Dry days
  • 90mm

    Average rainfall
  • 1

    Snow days


  • 1.3M

  • 07:28

    Local time
  • EUR


Price Info

Restaurant meals are on average 67% higher than in Belgrade.


Prices in Milan are on average 46% higher than in Belgrade.

Taxi is around  1.1 EUR per kilometer.

Train ticket is around  1.5  EUR

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More About The City

Milan is a portrait of Italy, all important characteristics of this nation are visible in this city. You will probably see beautiful models in a hurry to their photo shoots or fashion shows, taste the best ice cream and talk about it for months, try perfect pizzas, and enjoy beauty at every step.

Shopping and streets packed with exclusive stores that by their design resemble museums and will take up a lot of your time as well as money. Milan residents are fashion lovers, up to date with latest trends and you can find a lot of inspiration on the streets as far as fashion goes.

Most memorable symbol of Milan is Duomo Cathedral, city cathedral surrounded by more than 3,500 statues. This work of art is all in peaks and statues made out of shiny white marble and it represents the most beautiful example of Gothic architecture. If you climb to the top, you will get a spectacular view of the whole city.

This city has great sports spirit too and rivalry between soccer clubs Milan and Inter, holding their matches at the San Siro Stadium. Aside from fashion and sports, many national treasures are kept in Milan. Take a look what museums are hiding or plan an evening for the Milan opera house La Scala, place for best Italian operas and ballets.

Milan is definitely different than other parts of Italy; it doesn’t have that particular charm as a contrast to typical, anticipated, and already seen in Italy. Wide boulevards, cultural monuments, architecture and a feeling of some strange calmness and casualness, Milan, being the busiest Italian city, creates an impression of cosmopolitan, modern city that certainly deserves your attention.