Onaj koji traži raj na zemlji treba da dođe u Dubrovnik

About The City

The symbol of Dubrovnik is the Old Town and city walls which make its residents proud because they are witnesses of freedom. This unique town is one of the most preserved ancient structures in Europe and has been under the protection of UNESCO since 1979. It is popular among the stars of show business and the shooting of “Game of Thrones” series put Dubrovnik up on the starry map of tourist destinations.

General infrormation

Weather information

  • 14-21 °C

  • 26

    Dry days
  • 65mm

    Average rainfall
  • 0

    Snow days


  • 43K

  • 07:08

    Local time
  • HRK


Price Info

Restaurant meals are on average 49% higher than in Belgrade.


Prices in Dubrovnik are on average 42% higher than in Belgrade.

Taxi is around  0.92 GBP per kilometer.


Train ticket is around  1.2 GBP  EUR

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More About The City

According to the new archaeological research, it has been established that the settlement which served as foundation for Dubrovnik, existed in 6th century. Eight centuries later, Dubrovnik stands shoulder to shoulder with Venice and Ancona as an important maritime and trading center of the Adriatic.

From 8th to 17th century Dubrovnik develops into a town that it is today, recognizable by its impressive fortress and stone walls. Monumental structures along the 1, 940 meters long coastline offer priceless view of Dubrovnik, but an unusual tourist experience too. It is up to you to decide which part of the world you will start your visit of Dubrovnik from. Just like Cvijeta Zuzoric, one of the most beautiful women of European renaissance, inspired poets of her time the medieval charm of this town will inspire you. For some it will be Stradun, popular promenade and gathering spot which divides the Old Town into North and South, others will be charmed by narrow stone streets where clothes are drying high up on the walls of houses, or maybe it will be one of the fortresses proudly connecting town walls and symbolizing freedom of Dubrovnik.

There is no traffic in the Old Town, so be prepared to walk. On the east side of Stradun you can get refreshed at the big Onofrio’s Fountain, while small Onofrio’s Fountain is waiting for you in the very center of Dubrovnik. For hedonists, restaurants are a good solution with their attractive menus and characteristic Dalmatian specials and kind staff who will reveal the secret of Croatian wines. Give in to the magic and let old flames renew or new loves begin while the legend of Dubrovnik Maskeron holds your hand. At the very town entrance there is a spot where brave young men craving love gather. There is a belief a young man will find his true love if he jumps on top of Maskeron, takes off his shirt and puts it back on successfully all while glued to the wall and on his toes. City walls kept love secrets for centuries so be sure your love story will be kept secret too.

Overall stone structure of Dubrovnik created a natural setting for any movie, but especially for those stories from the period this town was created. It is no surprise that “Game of Thrones” was shot behind these walls.

However, Dubrovnik provides visual identity not only to movies but also to romantic and original weddings. The sound of church bells and golden rays of setting sun will make your memories unforgettable better than any film tape.

For the very end, there is a cable car that will take you to the top of Srd Hill and from the bird’s perspective you can admire the jewel of the Adriatic bellow you.